NetSuite Advisory Service

This new service is designed to help organisations to reduce risk and maximise the effectiveness of a NetSuite implementation.

Positive Results Consultancy offers independent advice to the leadership team of businesses whom have or are considering embarking on a NetSuite implementation.

Areas of potential focus:
Client will have different needs and the service would be tailored to fit each, but may include:
Top Level implementation planning & control:
  • Governance
  • Risk management
  • Senior Management consultation & alignment
  • Oversight of resource implications
Resource Management:
  • Reviewing overall timeline of implementation to align with business needs
  • Aligning implementation timetable with business timetable
  • Assessing resources required for the different phases of the project
Acting as Strategic link with NetSuite:
  • We have significant knowledge of EU & Global NetSuite team and can help ensure the best resources are available for your implementation
  • Identifying & reporting on any issues that evolve
  • Aligning NetSuite development work with business needs
Selection Process:
  • Best practice in ERP selection process
  • Structure and process of decision making
  • Specific independent advice on cloud solutions

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