Handling Cloud based ERP Implementations

A recent survey of ERP implementations by Panorama Consulting Services found:
  • Only 58% said their implementation was successful
  • 21% said it was a failure
  • 55% went over budget
  • 75% went over schedule
This illustrates that there is significant risk in ERP implementation

Peter advises organisations on approaches to selection and implementation of ERP’s to reduce this risk
His focus is on assessment of the implications for organisation and structure, how to ensure good governance and project management and how to drive competitive advantage

Support in choosing right solution:
There are many solutions available - we can help:
  • Define your business needs
  • Research available options
  • Choose the right solution
Support in agreeing a contract with a provider:
Once you have a potential solution provider we can help:
  • Create a process for ensuring your business needs will be met
  • Define the specification of the solution
  • Negotiate and plan with the provider for your solution
Support in overseeing the implementation program:
Implementing a cloud based solution is very different from traditional solutions, we can help:
  • Develop a project plan
  • Define the resources your business needs to support the implementation
  • Review how the implementation can be aligned with other business activities and priorities
  • Design a governance process that ensures the project is well controlled
Peter has written a white paper on Cloud ERP solutions (prefers to call these ‘Business management Solutions’ - click here to download the pdf copy of this.

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