Some feedback from previous clients:

  • “Peter has greatly influenced decisions & processes that have resulted in a level of business efficiency & reporting that did not exist previously. Improvements to financial control, budgeting, forecasting, IT, Corporate & legal affairs have been delivered. Peter has worked tirelessly to support the team, in any way he could and though his work has left a major impression on the business” - Maureen Vickers, Chief Supply Chain Officer - TMS Global Sourcing & Supply Chain

  • “Peter was instrumental in setting the foundations for the stable, robust business that we now have - he played a very significant role in shaping both the European and Asian business operations”. - Lisa Bonney, Managing Director TMS Europe

  • “this period was a time of great change for our Group as we recovered from a fire, which destroyed our head office, and our decision to transform the business from a hierarchical family business into a modern matrix structure. Peter led many of the changes that were made. He was of great personal support to myself – acting as a ‘sounding board’ to various ideas and issues.” - Paul Turner - Chairman Acceleron Group

  • “During the past year, we have been transforming the business to offer a wider range of products and services and develop new business opportunities. We have successfully attracted private equity funding to support this change. Peter is a very intelligent, flexible, commercially astute, efficient, and pragmatic individual, who is able to add value across a wide set of business disciplines. I found Peter to be particularly strong in aligning business strategy with activities and managing the team at all levels to support this activity. He made a significant contribution to our marketing capability, by introducing new processes and developing our direct marketing capability” - Andrew Knox, CEO, Sportbusiness Group

  • “During his time at Madge, Peter was a valued member of the senior executive team - both in his direct functional responsibilities and in his contribution to overall strategy development and business decision making. In addition, he provided direct support to myself as a sounding board on organisational issues and in dealing with human resources issues related to the senior management team’.- Robert Madge, Chairman & CEO Madge Networks

  • “Our company was created to capture the growing market for Information Security solutions on the back of the rapid rise of the Internet as a business tool. This was deemed to be a logical extension of our parent company’s portfolio of business-to-business security products and services and a pioneer in the world of protecting eBusiness. As the VP of Business Services working on an Interim contract from July 2000, Peter was my right hand man to define strategy and to execute on the resourcing and structure of the company. His role covered HR matters, company strategy and structure, web/electronic presence and market messaging. Peter is a natural team builder and man manager with clear and effective communication skills and strong leadership qualities. He is someone who I find completely trustworthy and commercially astute”. - Andrew Burton - CEO Chubb Information Services

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