Change & Leadership

Peter has experience of leading teams across a wide range of functions - IT, Finance, Human Resourcing and other support functions. His primary skill though is change management and in most of the organisations where he has worked, it is change management that has been his primary responsibility.
Peter’s change skills are especially effective when applied to set pice change - such as ERP implementation or organisational change
Recent roles that Peter has worked in:
  • European COO of a global marketing business during period of significant change
  • Interim COO of an Internet Services business during period up to sale
  • Interim COO of an Internet Security start up business
  • Interim Head of Finance & Business Management - for a Supply Chain organisation in the Far East, going through strategic changes
Practical examples of the kind of projects Positive Results Consultancy have delivered include:
  • Selection & implementation of a global ERP system for a global business
  • Business improvement program to prepare an Internet business for sale at maximum value
  • Led conversion of a long standing print publication into a web service
  • Reorganisation of Paris marketing agency to remove costs and focus business on profitability
  • Organisation review of supply chain business in Hong Kong leading to significant change program and recruitment of new senior team
  • Review of a marketing business in Sydney, Australia, leading to decision to close and management of full closure process at minimum risk
  • Research and implementation of an Enterprise Risk Management program in a global client
  • Developing funding proposals for a start up internet security business
  • Supported Brunel University Commercialisation department, helping to take research ideas through to full value and realisation

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